When it comes to your health & wellbeing, don't waste one more second of your precious life searching for answers. The problem isn't that you don't know what to do– actually, your soul knows exactly what it needs.

The problem is that you're blocked from receiving those answers due to a lifetime of wounding and conditioning that began in your childhood and now manifests as disease, disorders, dysfunction, and disappointment in your adult life.

To begin clearing the muck, I recommend starting with energy healing programs created by my personal teacher, Liana Shanti. There's literally nothing else on earth like the programs & resources she provides, and I've tried A LOT of health & healing modalities.

It wasn't until I began utilizing her programs that I started to TRULY heal from chronic pain, issues with my confidence & self-worth, and a host of other issues that stemmed from wounding related to my childhood, including sexual trauma & narcissistic abuse. (You can get a glimpse of my journey towards the bottom of the page.)

I'll be sharing more deeply about Liana's work over the coming days– in the meantime, the links below can speak to what she has to offer, and if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to direct message me on Instagram @lisafiorvante. I'm happy to answer questions & share more about my experience. 

If you're ready to TRULY begin healing your mind, body & soul:

Heal Your Mother Wound (by Liana Shanti) 👩‍👧

Heal Your Father Wound (by Liana Shanti) 👨‍👧

Heal from Narcissistic Relationships (by Liana Shanti) ❤️🙏🏻

Dive deep into your shadow, free your soul, and step onto your authentic path with LifePath Manifesting (by Liana Shanti) ✨🐍🦜🐅🦅

Additional support for the physical part of your healing journey:

Heal Your Candida (by Liana Shanti) 🍌🥒

Read The Mindbody Prescription & heal your chronic pain (by Dr. John E. Sarno) 🧠💃🏼

Get yourself the HOLY GRAIL of green powders! ($1.15 per serving! 🥦🥬🥒 

If you're a health coach looking for additional education & tools:

Check out the world's ONLY Plant-Based Health Coaching Program 🍋👩‍🏫

My FAVE project management tool you won't outgrow! (used since 2012! 👌🏻)

My FAVE (nearly)ALL-IN-ONE Online Business Tool– you can even build your website! 💻

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Before Healing & During Healing:

Me at 30-years old (left) during a particularly intense season of physical pain & inflammation (meat & dairy eater, weed-smoker, some alcohol use, repressed trauma, addicted to my eyebrow pencil!) vs. me at 33-years old (right) while doing true mind/body/soul healing work (plant-based, no drugs or alcohol, cleansing & boosting detoxification).

Who looks more vibrant? 

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