Bringing your dreams to life is your mission. Helping you do that is mine.

Whether you need strategic input on your business or a new project, an outside perspective, or just want to bounce around ideas, I can help.

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“Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does!”

– Kate Northrup | Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author of Do Less and Money: A Love Story 


Hey, I’m Lisa!

For the past decade, I've been helping speakers, authors, coaches, educators, and creatives like you spread your message, make money, and do what you love. 

I’ve been called a ‘rockstar 🎸,’ an ‘organizational ninja ⚔️,’ and a ‘unicorn 🦄' because I not only help my clients get things done, but I understand HOW to get things done. Part strategist, part creative, I align both to help you bring your dreams to life. 

Whether you need strategic input on your business, have a pressing problem on your hands, want to talk through an idea, get an outside perspective, or just bounce around ideas together, I can help. Check out the ways we can work together below!

Work With Me

One of the most common things I see amongst creatives & entrepreneurs is the ability to generate amazing ideas, but it's the HOW that trips them up and keeps them from taking action. If that's you, it's time to get some guidance and concrete next steps so you can take action right away. You can Pick My Brain for some fast, focused support, or you can Rent My Brain if you're ready to go even deeper.

Pick My Brain


Maybe you want to Pick My Brain because...

✅You follow me on social media or have worked with me in the past, and you have an idea, important decision, or project you'd like my input on

✅You know I've been working remotely since 2012 and that I'm a Certified Online Business Manager®, and you'd like to learn more about how to do this yourself

✅You have an established online business, and you think there's something I can support you with– maybe you need help figuring out which tools and team you need based on the stage you're in right now, or you have questions about how to nurture and retain your clients and customers, or you want help brainstorming a new product or service... there's a ton of areas I can work with you on!

✅You've heard that my husband & I have sold 80% of our stuff (twice) to start over and move someplace new, or that we've been working at home together for over four years, and you want to ask questions about all things starting over & working closely with your partner

✅Basically, you think there's something I can help you with when it comes to your life, business, or career. So, go ahead– pick my brain!


🧠A short & simple Intake Form so I know exactly what you'd like to focus on & can get to work preparing for our session

🧠60-Minute Pick My Brain Session via Zoom audio or video– your preference

🧠A Recap of our call with any additional recommendations & resources I can point you to, delivered within 48 hours of our session

Perfect For:

❤️Creative professionals and small businesses who need a quick burst of one-on-one time to get input on a burning question or pressing issue

❤️Can also be purchased for team members such as virtual assistants

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Rent My Brain

Priced Per Project

Maybe you want to Rent My Brain because... 

✅You've been writing copy for your new website, sales page, or nurture sequence, and you'd love a second pair of eyes to help with formatting, flow, and creative expression. (I can even help you craft letters and requests to a colleague/boss/friend– just tell me who!)

✅You think your website might be a little stale, and you'd like me to review it and provide design & copy recommendations so you can refresh it (without the higher price-tag of a complete redesign)

✅You're working on a new product or service, and you want strategic input and accountability as you build it and launch it to the world

✅You know it's time to move to an all-in-one marketing platform (I work with Simplero), and you need help packing up your business and preparing for the transition

✅Basically, you have documents and deliverables, or a creative project, or an organizational task you'd like my support with in some way. So, go ahead– rent my brain! 


🧠You can hire me, a Certified Online Business Manager®, to help you create/or review your website, product or service, sales page, launch strategy, nurture sequence, hiring plan, job description, business tools & expenses, and much more. I can provide recommendations to help you with next steps, as well as hands-on support through strategic planning, consulting, management, creative direction, copyediting, and more.

💬Simply click the 'Hire Me' button below, fill out a simple form letting me know what you need, and I'll get back to you within 2-3 business days or less. If it looks like I'm a match for your needs, I'll provide an estimate, or I may request additional info via email or a quick phone call– whichever makes the most sense. Once we've squared away all the project and payment details, it's time to get down to business!

Perfect For:

❤️Creative professionals who have the financial resources to fund new ideas and passion projects

❤️Established businesses who need support around the planning and implementation of their creative projects and business needs

Hire Me

(If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “For starters, it’s been incredibly helpful to have an objective view on my business. I strategize on business for a living but can’t do it quite the same way with my own because there’s an emotional attachment. Having Lisa to brainstorm with and keep me focused on the outcome has helped me reprioritize and bring more profitable results with ease. My favorite thing is she “gets it.” What I mean is she understands the value of a strategy and how to do it. It’s a skill, and I appreciate that she uses it in all aspects of business because it’s how I think. I should also mention a 25% increase in my list within the first week of launching a new opt-in was pretty exciting, too!”

    Small Business Strategy & Project Management

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does! She provided incredible work for our company, and she brings a level of care and organization to business processes that I’ve rarely, if ever, experienced before. Her ability to think of all the details before rolling out something new has been unparalleled! While we worked together, she helped us streamline a new project management system, enhanced our customer care practices by taking our average response time from 2-3 days to 24 hours or less, and managed our membership program which maintained an average 93% retention rate. She definitely left our company better than she found it.”

    Small Business Strategy, Online Membership & Customer Relationship Management

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa helped me launch my children’s book, The Lemonade Hurricane – I felt supported throughout the whole launch, and the success we’ve seen is unprecedented. The book went on to become an Amazon bestseller with over $15k in pre-order sales alone, and since its release, has been featured in a handful of publications – everything from Barnes & Noble to Boston magazine to Publisher’s Weekly. It also landed a spot on Fox ABC Maine!

    I’m now seen as a successful writer and one who can sell her books which has led to other writing opportunities. It really ramped up, and took off, and everything we did added more value. Facebook ad strategy, testimonials, emails, etc. – all of it added HUGE value and in turn sold books! We’ve sold over 3,500 books in the first 5 months and that’s HUGE for the kids lit world!”

    Launch Strategy & Project Management

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa WAY over delivers – she provided so many unexpected amazing things to help me. From drafting a VA job posting to helping me figure out back-end logistics for an online program – she’s extremely resourceful and a wizard at problem-solving. If you have lots of ideas and the drive, but don’t really know how to get it going, if you get stuck in the day-to-day or perfectionism paralysis, if you don’t have the most consistent revenue, if you’re motivated and willing to execute, but feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, then work with Lisa! You’d be crazy to not hire her! She’s a rockstar. I honestly could not have achieved my goals without her help. She’s invaluable, and I cannot wait to work with her again!”

    Small Business Strategy, Accountability & Project Planning


A few little extras...

🗽While I'm no longer a permanent resident, New York will always be in my blood. I was raised on Long Island, I met my husband, Joe, at SUNY New Paltz, I've worked in The Hamptons, and I spent 6 years living in NYC.

🧳In 2018, we decided it was time for a change, sold 80% of our stuff, and moved to Maine where I realized pretty quickly it was NOT the place for me! In July of 2020, I finally listened to my gut, packed our things up for a second time and spent time visiting family + Airbnb-ing it up before settling into the "City of Oaks"– Raleigh, North Carolina 🌳.

💻You can read about part of my career & the Craigslist ad that changed everything here.

😊I have more testimonials from happy clients here.

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