Art Supplies

Here's a quick list of some of my recently purchased art supplies. These aren't the most expensive supplies on the market, but I'd say they do a pretty awesome job whether you just want to mess around + let your inner child run wild or actually make some art to sell 'cause why not!? 🖌️🎨✨

Stand-Up + Tabletop Easel

I can keep this folded up and use on a tabletop, or I can release the legs and stand up to paint at my full height without hunching over (I'm 5'6"). Comes with a strap for carrying + a pull-out drawer for holding paints. It's awesome!

3-Pack of White Canvas

This canvas does the job! They're already primed, so they don't NEED a coat of gesso– your preference! Made in the U.S.A.

Set of 24 Paints

I have this set of 24 by Arteza, and they also have a set of 60, which I have my eyes on next since there's metallics included ✨ . My FAVE brand was this set of 48 by Coloré, which also included metallics, but it looks like it's been discontinued– haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE in ages! But maybe the Arteza set of 60 will do the trick.

Set of 16 Paintbrushes

Basic set of paintbrushes– no complaints! I've used them for abstract art + haven't experienced any shedding, and I'm pretty heavy-handed with my paints. 

Metallic Gold Paint

GOTTA have a nice, big tube of gold paint! The sparkly goodness inside this tube gives me all the feels, so I'd say it does what it needs to do 😉✨

Acrylic Gloss

For that nice, shiny top coat after your painting is complete! Can also be mixed in with paint and used as a medium. Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: If fast shipping isn't a priority, and you're looking to shop exclusively from a small business, I've used + loved Jerry's Artarama. They sell just about EVERYTHING + have been in business since 1968!

Jerry's Artarama