2021 Numerology Forecast



Happy New Year, Everyone!

In numerology, we're entering what's called a "5 Year." At its core, the number 5 represents the desire for FREEDOM. It's a number that wants to feel expansive and without limits. It's also a number that represents CREATIVITY and making full use of all the senses.

It's the ultimate year to EXPRESS YOURSELF and birth the ideas & projects that have been quietly growing inside you for longer than you may dare to admit. The days of “I’ll do it one day” are long gone– THIS the year to make your wildest dreams a reality.

The number 5 is also a number that represents fun and socializing. It’s important to prioritize networking with dynamic and high-energy people who bring out the best in you and can unlock bigger & better opportunities in your life, business & career.

On the flip side, since a 5 Year can provide so much fun, creativity, and opportunity, it's incredibly important to stay focused on your priorities and to practice discipline. Say yes ONLY to the opportunities that align with your goals and bigger vision for success, and do NOT feel bad for saying NO, setting boundaries, and getting support from others– even if it means hiring help. Your growth & success depends on it! Being focused & practicing discipline means it's super important to have a strong foundation around the “adult” aspects of life (things like efficient systems within your home and career and prioritizing good health & money habits). This way, your inner child has the freedom & flexibility to roam free and create whenever & wherever possible.

Because the number 5 is such a dynamic & high-energy number full of new opportunities & experiences, it's also a year that requires flexibility and adaptability. While it's important to set goals, it's equally as important to pay attention to the signs & events of the world around you and adapt accordingly. One idea may make sense in the beginning of the year and then require a shift a few months later. While tasks and timelines may changes, your purpose will not. So long as you’re making decisions in alignment with your purpose, you cannot fail. (And if you’re not aware of what your purpose in life is, make THAT your goal to uncover this year.)

It's important to be aware that, just like in 2020 when we experienced unexpected changes, we'll see more of them in 2021 as the world continues to transform. Being aware that more change is on the horizon is a source of POWER so you can make informed decisions that allow your life, business & career to flow & rise ABOVE the chaos versus resist & get sucked under. Flexibility is JUST as important as focus.

Lastly, a major positive that came from 2020 is that it’s unveiled a world that’s ripe for entrepreneurship and creative thinking. More & more people are realizing that in order to both survive and THRIVE, it’s vital to think outside the box and that it’s up to YOU to create the reality you wish to live in. The number 5 is all about being true to self, and those who take actions that are aligned with their purpose and allow their true authentic selves to shine will have created the most success once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2021. Let yourself be one of them.



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