Hey, I'm Lisa!

I'm a copyeditor + coach-consultant currently based in North Carolina.

I help authors, educators, entrepreneurs + creatives add structure + shine to their writing, and I outline their ideas + passion projects so they can move forward with clarity + confidence.

I’ve been called a ‘rockstar 🎸,’ an ‘organizational ninja ⚔️,’ and a ‘unicorn 🦄because I not only help my clients get things done, but I understand HOW to get things done. Part strategist, part creative, I align both to help you bring your ideas to life. 

(I also study health + nutrition and am working towards my certification in plant-based health coaching– a long lost passion I reunited with in 2021 🥑🍊.)

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“Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does!”

– Kate Northrup | Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author of Do Less and Money: A Love Story 


6 Reasons Why Working With Me Is Like Sprinkling Matcha + Magic Dust On Your Life, Business + Career...

✨ I'm as tapped into the left-side of my brain as I am to the right-side. This means I provide a blend of feedback and input that's as analytical + strategic as it is creative + imaginative. 🧠

✨ I can take ramblings + turn them into well-thought-out plans + deliverables. This is one of my favorite things to do– pulling out words + ideas, then piecing it together like a beautiful puzzle so you can stand back + appreciate the star you are– all I'm doing is giving you a little polish so you can shine even brighter! ⭐

✨ I've worked behind-the-scenes of 6 + 7-figure small businesses since 2010, helping to streamline systems + support various creative projects, and I have my certification in online business management. I know what it means to take a project from idea to conception and the time, patience, and commitment required to get it all done. 💻

✨ I have a wide scope of interests + life experiences – everything from professional organizing to building an online career to nutrition and healing from pharmaceutical withdrawal to moving states (NY ➝ ME ➝ NC), to bartending, retail + customer service, and more... – which allows me to understand concepts + ideas in a broader context. 💡

✨ Because of my background in wholistic health (treatment of the whole person), I view everything in our world as the sum of its parts. Everything is everything. Which means I know that whatever's going on in your mind, body + soul will also impact your business + creative pursuits. I'm mindful of this when working together. 🌎

✨ I'm awesome at listening, paraphrasing, responding, and challenging you go to look deep into things, and I can tell you how things look from the outside. I also have a knack for asking really good questions to help you uncover what you want in life. Your desires. Your goals. Your dreams. Not your momma's. Not your partner's. YOURS! ❤️

How We Can Work Together...


You bring the draft– I'll add the shine.

✨ Copyediting is perfect for you if you need a second pair of eyes on your documents + deliverables to help you with the formatting, flow, and creative expression.

✨My copyediting services are a mix of light + medium copyediting and line-editing. I've worked on brand messaging, website content, e-books, sales + marketing content, customer service emails, letters, personal statements, and more. I generally copyedit for small businesses, though I'm open to various creative projects.

✨While copyediting is my modus operandi, I may accept the occasional full-on copywriting project, though this will require a bigger time + financial investment.

Investment: $45/hr

To Get Started...

Please fill out the Work With Me form below with as many details as you can so I can best understand your copyediting needs and provide you with an estimate.

 Coaching + Consulting

You bring the wish– I'll wave the wand.

✨ Coaching + Consulting is perfect for you if you have a lot of ideas + passions and could use some help deciding where to begin + what to do next.

✨ I can help you take the many ideas you have for a new or existing project or business, decide what to take action on, and create a strategic plan for making it happen. I can even review your website and provide design + copy recommendations so you can refresh it (without the higher price-tag of a complete redesign).

✨ I offer 90-Minute Deep Dive Sessions that can be used for whichever area you'd like support with most. Afterwards, I'll create a Deep Dive Recap and deliver it to you within 3-5 business days of our session. Single sessions will include 30 days of email support for quick questions. Longer packages may be available upon request + availability permitting.

✨ Investment: $497.00

To Get Started...

Please fill out the Work With Me form below with a) some details about yourself and b) tell me what your magic wish is for our session– meaning, if we could wave a magic wand over an area of your life/business/career, what would appear or change for you?

Two Important Notes:

Before getting in touch, I strongly encourage you to read more about me here to confirm if our energy + values are a match.

✨ Any calls we may have together are done via Zoom, and I use audio only. Audio helps me listen + feel into what's being said more deeply whereas video can create distractions. If you prefer video, I totally respect your desire + encourage you to work with another service provider who does. 

Work With Me Form

Thanks so much for your message! I'll take a look + be in touch ASAP.
  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “THANK YOU for your help copyediting my sales emails! My heart was leaping like crazy as I was reading them. I’m consistently in awe of your talent, and I can’t tell you enough how much your support, expertise, kindness and patience means to me.”

    Business Coach + Member of Forbes Coaches Council

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa’s thoughtful, intelligent, considerate, resourceful, strategic, creative, and she brings a much-needed outside perspective when I am blinded by being IN my business. She also brings a beautiful combination of knowing what tactics are needing right through to the high level strategy.”

    Speaker + Empowerment Coach

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa WAY over delivers – she provided so many unexpected amazing things to help me. From drafting a VA job posting to helping me figure out back-end logistics for an online program – she’s extremely resourceful and a wizard at problem-solving. If you have lots of ideas and the drive, but don’t really know how to get it going, if you get stuck in the day-to-day or perfectionism paralysis, if you don’t have the most consistent revenue, if you’re motivated and willing to execute, but feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, then work with Lisa! You’d be crazy to not hire her! She’s a rockstar. I honestly could not have achieved my goals without her help."”

    Body Image Expert + Certified Life Coach

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does! she brings a level of care and organization to business processes that I’ve rarely, if ever, experienced before. Her ability to think of all the details before rolling out something new has been unparalleled!”

    Entrepreneur + Best-Selling Author of Do Less and Money: A Love Story

  • Lisa Fiorvante

    “The most important factor of working with Lisa is that I can totally trust her to say, “Nope, this is not the way to go. Let’s try this," and I can trust that I have a set of eyes that will collaborate with me and hold me accountable to not get back into the weeds! I think this is the most INVALUABLE thing – a true partner in the business. One that can help it grow and one that can be really strategic in advancement.”

    Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author