Small Business Strategy & Project Management:

“For starters, it’s been incredibly helpful to have an objective view on my business. I strategize on business for a living but can’t do it quite the same way with my own because there’s an emotional attachment. Having Lisa to brainstorm with and keep me focused on the outcome has helped me reprioritize and bring more profitable results with ease. My favorite thing is she “gets it.” What I mean is she understands the value of a strategy and how to do it. It’s a skill, and I appreciate that she uses it in all aspects of business because it’s how I think. I should also mention a 25% increase in my list within the first week of launching a new opt-in was pretty exciting, too!”

 Gina Gomez | Business Coach & Member of Forbes Coaches Council


Small Business Strategy and Online Membership & Customer Relationship Management:

“Lisa has that special sauce, and she infuses love and creativity into everything she does! She provided incredible work for our company, and she brings a level of care and organization to business processes that I’ve rarely, if ever, experienced before. Her ability to think of all the details before rolling out something new has been unparalleled! While we worked together, she helped us streamline a new project management system, enhanced our customer care practices by taking our average response time from 2-3 days to 24 hours or less, and managed our membership program which maintained an average 93% retention rate. She definitely left our company better than she found it.”

Kate Northrup | Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author of Do Less and Money: A Love Story


Launch Management & Copyediting:

THANK YOU for your help copyediting my sales emails! My heart was leaping like crazy as I was reading them. I’m consistently in awe of your talent, and I can’t tell you enough how much your support, expertise, kindness and patience means to me. I am deeply grateful to know you and get to work with you!

 Gina Gomez | Business Coach, Member of Forbes Coaches Council, Host of 5in5: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™ 


Small Business Strategy, Accountability & Project Planning:

I wasn’t sure if the investment was going to be worth it, but after chatting with Lisa and seeing her game plan, I knew that I really needed to take the leap and get some help with my launches and business operations and since then, she’s helped me in SO MANY WAYS!

First off, I feel like I’m finally a CEO of my business and no longer trapped by the day-to-day jobs that were keeping me busy but not moving the needle forward. My business feels much more streamlined and free of the messiness and chaos that was holding me back. I finally feel like I can take a sigh of relief and not be panicking and running around like a chicken with my head cut off all the time. I’m so much more productive and have a better balance with my work and life. On top of that, I feel like I’ve gained so much more confidence and am no longer stuck in overwhelm paralysis. This has impacted my life because I’m much more pleasant and happy when I’m not freaking out about how I’m going to get everything done or where revenue is going to come from!

Plus, Lisa WAY over delivers – she provided so many unexpected amazing things to help me. From drafting a VA job posting to helping me figure out back-end logistics for an online program – she’s extremely resourceful and a wizard at problem-solving. If you have lots of ideas and the drive, but don’t really know how to get it going, if you get stuck in the day-to-day or perfectionism paralysis, if you don’t have the most consistent revenue, if you’re motivated and willing to execute, but feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, then work with Lisa! You’d be crazy to not hire her! She’s a rockstar. I honestly could not have achieved my goals without her help. She’s invaluable, and I cannot wait to work with her again!

 Summer Innanen | Body Image Expert & Certified Life Coach


Small Business Strategy:

Small business owners surround themselves with smarter specialists, and Lisa is a very talented business and launch strategist.

– Alex Broderick-Forster | Facebook Advertising Expert


Online Business Management:

Lisa’s helped me in so many ways! I just knew during our first conversations that she was the lady for me! Her ability to pinpoint clearly where she thought I needed help was spot on, and I felt immediately at ease because I could see that her strengths and ability to hone in, and organize, and develop a company in its growth were extremely good.

The most important factor of working with her is that I can totally trust her to say, “Nope, this is not the way to go. Let’s try this," and I can trust that I have a set of eyes that will collaborate with me and hold me accountable to not get back into the weeds! I think this is the most INVALUABLE thing – a true partner in the business. One that can help it grow and one that can be really strategic in advancement.

My favey fave things about working with Lisa are as follows: Organization. Instinct. Ability to see what’s working and what’s not. Ability to hold me accountable and on track. Feeling like I have a true partner in the business and that she’d like to see it succeed as well. Her back-end expansion expertise – seeing how a company needs a solid foundation and then helping structure it so it can hold the growth. Everything makes more sense now! It’s streamlined, and I know where to go and how to organize better as I work through ideas. She’s totally zen’d out the nuts and bolts of the company. I now no longer feel like I’m spinning my wheels, and I can actually see how to grow the business whereas before I was constantly going around in circles, and I couldn’t get out of my own way to think of opportunities for growth.

I sing Lisa's praises to everyone, and I will happily keep singing them. Her ability to help organize and grow a business is unlike any other I’ve encountered. In a world where so many entrepreneurs are crying into their pillows about needing help, I know I’ve struck gold with her! I think that anyone who is on the precipice of growth is a good fit for her – whether it’s a beginning stage or they are growing from 6 figures to 7, she’s the perfect fit for anyone looking to expand.

 Licia Morelli | Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author


Launch Strategy, Project Planning & Accountability:

While working with Lisa on both the launch of my 21 Steps Body Image Remix Course and 12-week Rock Your Body Program, I was able to hit and exceed most of the list and sales goals that I set, AND when I went back and assessed my past year’s performance, I ended up exceeding my revenue target by about 6% (dance par-tay!!!). Gratitude to Lisa for helping me do that!

Most importantly, my launches were smooth like butta’ and free of the panic and stress that usually comes along with them – that in and of itself is priceless! Plus, I now have a much better understanding of how to organize and execute a successful launch. Lisa is uber organized and could take my ramblings and put them into a well thought-out concrete plan with to-do’s and due dates. She’s extremely resourceful and a wizard at problem-solving, and she even helped me figure out the backend logistics for an online program.

Lisa is all around a really cool woman and you know she has your back and best interests in mind. She offers valuable strategic suggestions that contributed to my success, and I honestly could not have achieved my goals without her help!

 Summer Innanen | Body Image Expert & Certified Life Coach


Launch Strategy & Project Management:

Lisa helped me launch my children’s book, The Lemonade Hurricane – I felt supported throughout the whole launch, and the success we’ve seen is unprecedented. The book went on to become an Amazon bestseller with over $15k in pre-order sales alone, and since its release, has been featured in a handful of publications – everything from Barnes & Noble to Boston magazine to Publisher’s Weekly. It also landed a spot on Fox ABC Maine!

I’m now seen as a successful writer and one who can sell her books which has led to other writing opportunities. It really ramped up, and took off, and everything we did added more value. Facebook ad strategy, testimonials, emails, etc. – all of it added HUGE value and in turn sold books! We’ve sold over 3,500 books in the first 5 months and that’s HUGE for the kids lit world!

 Licia Morelli | Speaker, Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author


Launch Strategy, Project Planning & Accountability:

With Lisa's help, I was able to spread things out and prioritize them for my launch which helped with the overwhelm. I liked that Lisa would nudge me and say, "You really should move into working on this." I learned that I need to give myself time to implement things since I tend to jump right in and take action. I get a lot done, but I also get overwhelmed and feel stressed out from it, and that's not how I want to manage my business.

Lisa is organized, prompt and dependable, and I really appreciated her overall vision and then having the details mapped out. I appreciated the summary and documentation she gave me of my entire launch. She's someone who can help people manage their business functions as well, not just the launch phase. She can serve anyone at any stage.

Also, I can write a damn good sales page now! I feel like Lisa helped me pull out the important elements I needed, and the template she provided me was key in getting me on track with it. Otherwise, I didn’t exactly know how to start!

Lisa is an inspirational entrepreneur!

Sally Hendrick | Social Media Expert & Founder of Social Media Traffic School


Launch Planning, Project Management & Copyediting:

Lisa helped me launch my signature 4-week program, The House of Woo. I would never have been able to launch the course effectively without her help. I had no idea how to execute the vision and with Lisa’s help and expertise, I was able to create a launch that made money and was no-stress. With the formula, we saw a ton of success and professionalism. Also word of mouth spread fast!

I felt most supported with the strategy of how to launch it and what was needed – everything from organization of emails and how to write them, to sales copyediting, to promotion and Facebook ads strategy. I feel that because she was so aware of what was needed, I didn’t have to worry a thing about anything – I did the tasks and success followed. I’m terrible at measurable goals (LOL), yet I inevitably reached every goal and achieved my best numbers for enrollment – it was truly incredible to watch!

 Licia Morelli | Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author


Small Business Strategy & Accountability:

“The questions that ran through my head before working with Lisa were, “Am I ready? Can I afford to do this? Can I afford NOT to do this? What if I can’t get my shit together WITH someone let alone without?” What I learned is that Lisa provides structure (MUCH needed structure!), guidance, accountability and the feeling of comfort of having someone actually give a shit about my work as much as I do. It’s a relief to have company down here in the dregs of it all. She taught me how to be in my business in a more mature way, to treat it like a real business, that it is the vehicle that carries my dreams, and it deserves to be solid in order to deliver!

I like how she’s always listening, paraphrasing, responding, challenging me to look into things I hadn’t thought of and really being here for me and my biz. She tells me how it looks and feels from the outside. Creating set times in my schedule to work on things has given me a sense of order and peace. Everything has its place. This gives me freedom and room to be more creative – hell, it gives me more permission to create something greater than what exists.

Lisa’s thoughtful, intelligent, considerate, resourceful, strategic, creative, and she brings a much-needed outside perspective when I am blinded by being IN my business. She also brings a beautiful combination of knowing what tactics are needing right through to the high level strategy. She’s an all-in-one business organizing marvel!”

 Kerri-Anne Livingstone | Speaker & Empowerment Coach


Small Business Strategy:

I’d hesitated about hiring an online business strategist for awhile because I was worried I wouldn’t get any direction or the results I wanted. I was also worried I’d just keep stalling starting a business and waste my money. A lot of my goals and motivations can be all over the place, but Lisa really listened to me and was able to help me take all of my thoughts and redirect them to one clear goal. What ended up happening is I actually started a coaching business myself and had interested clients! I’ve had people sign up for my newsletter and I’m now teaching a local course! I couldn’t ask for more.

Lisa is perfect for people that have lots of passion but are all over the place – we have the drive but no direction on how to put it in one place. Lisa was amazing, and if I didn’t work with her it would have taken me months to get my coaching business up and running!

 Shannon DePalma | Business Coach


Community Relations & Online Business Management:

Lisa was a huge part of my business right from the beginning, helping me as I worked to grow, expand, and evolve. She helped me to navigate the complicated, confusing and overwhelming knot of things that are part of running a business, allowing me to stay calm and focused on what I needed to be doing.

Her skill and finesse as my customer support person were also so, so amazing – not only was she fast, friendly, and warm, but my clients all loved her!! I got countless emails from clients letting me know just how great she was… as a business owner, this was so wonderful to hear, because I knew my clients were all in great hands!

She’s also brilliant at bringing her own ideas/thoughts/suggestions to the table, and anyone wanting to get their small business running more smoothly would be lucky to work with her!

 Lara Adler | Holistic Health Coach & Environmental Toxins Expert


Small Business Strategy & Accountability:

Lisa’s genuine, experienced and to the point. She’s been there, and she gets it. You tell her where you want to be and she’ll map a plan to get you there. She’s the Sacral Chakra to my biz – she makes the action happen! Working with her has helped me to clarify my path. I now have a far more organized road ahead of me, that will (and is!) getting me to where I want to go without the twists and turns of “trying it out.” She’s perfect for those who have a gold mine but aren’t sure how to mine it. She provides the tools, the how-to, and the safety gear to get to the gold. It’s a relief to have someone on your side that isn’t just listening, but that truly understands. Lisa is amazing in all the ways you’d expect and even more so in all the ways you need, but never thought you’d find.

 Stacy Kazimer | Designer & Copywriter


Small Business Strategy & Project Planning:

What I liked best about working with Lisa was her friendliness, confidence, and knowledge. I had a terrific strategy session with her, and the action steps she provided helped me to get organized so I knew what I had to get done, she gave me some great ideas for delivering my products, and I felt secure about what I needed to do to launch my new business. I loved working with her!

– Nalini Addanki | Entrepreneur & Joy-Builder


Small Business Strategy & Accountability:

Lisa helped me gain momentum by motivating me to take action. I’m also now getting in the habit of consistency, which I didn’t really have in the past! She’s to talk to, great at giving feedback, and has a positive attitude. I think entrepreneurs need people like Lisa to break down their goals into do-able chunks. I loved working with her!

 Bianca Filoteo | Certified Health Coach


Business Management & Administration:

Lisa played an important part in organizing and managing my newly-forming company. She’s a talented, forward-thinking, ambitious, and kind-hearted woman who puts her heart into her every endeavor.

 Molly Piekut | Occupational Therapist